Special Shaped Ink Pens

special shaped ink pens

We have over 700 stock ink pens shaped in many different ways. These promo items make great gifts and are sure to command attention.

How To Order Shaped Ink Pens

Select your shape. Choose  the base color from the colors below. Choose your color imprint.  Hint: White looks best on dark colors –black shows better on light colors.

shaped ink pen colors

These are a few of the special shapes available for your custom ink pen.

Musical Instruments

Ink pens shaped like animals

Ink pens shaped like all 50 States

Ink pens for the holidays  – including Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more

Ink pens for churches or religious organizations

Don’t see the shaped ink pen you are looking for?

We have over 700 shaped ink pens here.

Or, go to our on-line catalog,  enter:

inked bend + (your key word) such as inked bend + frog  (no quotes – space before and after plus sign) in the Keywords field.

Still don’t see what you are looking for? We can custom produce a shaped ink pen for almost anything. Contact customer service 1-866-281-8830 for details.

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