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Advertising Premiums

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Advertising Premiums and Promotional Giveaways

Are you looking for a promotional giveaway or advertising premium for your business or organization? We have over 500,000 unique promotional products that are perfect for your business, corporation, or organization giveaway program.

Remember, most advertising premiums can be customized or imprinted with your company name, logo, or message.

To find the best advertising premium product for your business:

  • Select from the menu at the top or left side of this page
  • Go to use the Quick Search or Advance Search box at the very top of this page.  Find detailed help on using the catalog here.
  • Call Bagwell Promotions toll free 1-866-281-8830 or contact Bagwell Promotions.

Giant Christmas Stocking  Advertising Premium

What is an advertising premium?

Premiums are promotional items such as toys, collectibles, souvenirs, and household products. Often they are linked to a product and may require the consumer to provide box top, token, or proof of purchase to acquire. The consumer may have to pay at least the shipping and handling costs to receive the premium. Premiums are sometimes referred to as prizes.

Premiums predominantly fall into three categories

  • free premiums
  • self-liquidating premiums
  • in-or on-package premiums

Free premiums usually require the consumer to purchase a product to receive a gift or reward. Self-liquidating premiums are when a consumer is expected to pay a designated monetary value for a gift or item.

The in-or out-package premium is where small gifts are included with the package.

A successful premium campaign is beneficial to a company as it aids in establishing an effective relationship with the consumer.

Premiums can provide a boost to almost any business. See 3 Keys to Effective Premiums in the magazine Target Marketing.

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