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Advertising Specialty Items

Advertising Specialty ItemsAdvertising Specialty Items

Sometimes called Promotional Products or Promotional Items, Advertising Specialty Items are gifts in the form of small handy items with the permanent promotional message imprinted on them for the target market.

Advertising Specialty promotional mugHence the gift serves as the promotional product as they bring with them some specific message

Advertising Specialty items will generally  include the name or logo and may even include an advertising message or slogan.

Specialty advertising or promotions should not be confused with product samples where we sell free product samples. Some specialty products are- calendars, business gifts and awards, t shirts, pens, hand bags and small luggage bags, diaries, key-rings etc.

Overall, many companies and marketing professionals consider promotional products mostly or always effective in achieving marketing goals. They generally consider promotional products more effective than social media and nearly as effective as
all other media. Of the wide-range of features advertising specialty items marketers  primarily appreciate the ability to supply a useful product, while also relating to their target industry and maintaining the campaign theme. This allows companies and non-profits to promote customer loyalty, get repeat business and  efficiently reach a target market,

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Here are our most popular advertising promotions.

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Air Fresheners




Bracelets & Wristbands

Bumper Stickers

Door Hangers


Contest and Giveaways

Drinkware: Mugs, Coffee Cups, Tumblers

Eco-Friendly Green Promotional Items

Flash Drives 


Fly Swatters *


Greeting Cards For Businesses

Health Promotions

Ice Scrapers

Ink Pens

Key Rings


Neck Coolers

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Patriotic Promotional Products

Playing Cards




School Spirit Promotions

Shaped Items

Sports Promotional Items


By Industry

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