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Back to School Promotional Items

Back to School Promotions

For Students, Teachers, Parents, and Retailers, There is a “New Normal” for Back To School.

US World and News – How Schools Will Change When Students Return to The Classroom.

Every year as kids return to school, parents look for bargains, retail store owners look for ways to drive traffic, and non-retail stores look for promotional ideas on how they can tie in with this once-a-year event. Schools prepare for a never-ending line of new and returning students.

Bagwell Promotions is committed to helping you get Back To School in a safe manner.

Back to School Promotional Items

This page has some of the best promotional ideas to help schools, other non-profit groups, and businesses of all types plan for back-to-school.

Imprinted Face Mask

Personal Protective Equipment

This year PPE may be on your shopping list. We have a page of promotional items to help keep students, teachers, and others safe. For many, you can put your logo, name, or message on the items. These include masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, stickers, signs, and many other things. Useful Websites for more information on COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention Center For Disease Control  or the World Health Organization

clear backpack

Clear School Backpacks

Some Schools Are Now Requiring Clear School Backpacks. Many school districts have restrictions on the type of backpacks students can bring to school following recent school shootings. Clear backpacks allow administrators and other officials an easy way to see what is actually in a backpack. See our large selections of Clear School Backpacks here.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Coloring Book

Understanding COVID-19 for kids – Imprintable Coloring & Activity Book

Understanding COVID-19 for kids Coloring Book details basics and information regarding this new and rare virus. Including how to avoid the virus, identify symptoms of the virus, and what to do if you think you have been exposed to the virus, and much more from the CDC. Your logo, name, or message is imprinted in a large area on the front.


bus bands

School Bus Wristbands

Make sure young students get on the correct bus, with these “My Bus # is….” Wristbands. ID Control helps drivers and teachers identify young students traveling to and from school, especially during the first few weeks.

giant crayon bacl tp school promotion

Back To School Promotion

Plan now for Back to School with this sweepstakes promotion. Filled with toys and school supplies, this is a great retail traffic builder for any business that wants to attract kids or their parents! Perfect for banks /credit unions, restaurants, grocery stores, automobile dealerships, rent-to-own stores, churches/non-profits, or fundraising groups.

Everything You Need For A Successful Back to School Promotion.

  • Sweepstakes Entry Forms and Entry Box
  • Posters
  • Promotional Idea Book with Press Release
  • 6′ or 8′ Crayon with toys and school supplies
  • The Giant Crayon Comes With An Assortment of School Supplies and the Latest Toys.

More Giant Toy Promotional Giveaways

Similar promotions are available for Easter, Summer Patriotic, Halloween, and Christmas.

promotional rulers for back to school

Plastic Rulers

Are you looking for more back-to-school promotional items? Plastic rulers are a great way to put your message in front of kids. The 6-inch ruler (shown at left) is printed on recycled PET. We also have wooden rulers.


promotional back pack for back to school promotions


We have hundreds of promotional backpacks in a variety of styles. This is one of many back-to-school promotional items from Bagwell Promotions. All can be imprinted with your name, logo, or message.

back to school coloring book school bus

School Bus Safety Coloring Book.

Here is a way to show you care about the safety of your customers or prospects’ children: School Bus safety (left) plus hundreds of more coloring books. Add Crayons with your custom imprint.

School Spirit Promos

School Spirit Promos

From megaphones to pom pomps and stadium cups and stadium cushions we have everything your school or college team could want to increase school spirit.   Available in many colors and styles, most items can be imprinted with a logo, name, or message with easy online ordering.

Back To School Promotional Items

Keep in mind that almost any of our promotional items can be used for a back-to-school promotion with a change of artwork. Buttons, bumper stickers, plastic bags, and more can be used for a successful back-to-school promotion.

For Retail Stores, Back To School is one of the top three sales events of the year. It is when students and their parents purchase school supplies and apparel for the upcoming school year. Many department stores and retail stores advertise back-to-school sales as a time when school supplies, children’s, and young adults’ clothing goes on sale. Office supplies have also become an important part of back-to-school sales, with the rise in prominence of personal computers and related equipment in education. Those traditional supplies such as paper, pens, pencils, and binders will often be marked at steep discounts, often as loss leaders to entice shoppers to buy other items in the store. Of course, some states offer tax-free periods when any school supplies and children’s clothing purchased do not have sales tax added.

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