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Baseball Promotions

Baseball Promotions

Promote Your Company or Brand for Spring and Summer With Baseball Promotions

Spring is when people begin to get out of doors, and “The Boys of Summer” take the field.  Baseball is the great American Passtime, and what better way to tie-in promotion for your business than with a sport that gets people motivated.

We’ve placed on this page some of the most popular baseball promotions.  Many can include your company, brand, name, or message on the product. You can also use just about any promotional item in our catalog and give it a baseball theme. See all of our Sports Theme promotions here.

Copyright & Trademarks for Sports Teams

Most college and professional teams have restrictions on the use of their name, logo, or mascot. Unless specified, products on our website do not have a licensing agreement.

Featured Baseball Promotions

Baseball Schedules

Baseball Team Schedules

Available with the schedule of any of the major league baseball teams, you can have an instant imprinted gift item for trade shows and sales meetings or use for sales calls & prospecting. Personalized with your services & contact information, magnets are an effective marketing tool. Magnets keep selling long after other products have been forgotten. Magnets stick to refrigerators, filing cabinets, & any other metal surface. All pro baseball teams available; please specify when ordering.

Typically these are done as a magnet, but Baseball Schedules can be printed as a door hanger or as wallet cards.

We can also custom a schedule for colleges, high schools, little league, or church teams. Contact Bagwell Promotions for details.

See our baseball schedules here.   Find All The Sports Schedules here.

Baseball Stress Relievers

Baseball Promotions

We have hundreds of baseball-shaped promotional items — most can be imprinted with your company name, message, or logo. Over 48 different Stress Balls (shown) come in many vivid colors and can be used throughout the year.  We have over 200 items for baseball promotions, including official baseballs that can be imprinted with your logo.   These are just some of the many sports-related promotions available from Bagwell Promotions.


Official Baseball

Baseball key chain

More Baseball Themed Promotions

We have baseball-themed key chains (shown) along with a whole series of Baseball Awards to honor teams or members.  See over 200 more baseball-themed promotional items.

Easy online ordering at Bagwell Promotions.

Baseball awards

Imprinted Stadium Cups

Summer Drinkware

From stadium cups to bottles, we have the summer drinkware for your outdoor outing or sports event.  From inexpensive cups for just a one-time event to keepsakes for all year round, Bagwell Promotions has thousands of drinkware selections for Sring and Summer. Put your name or logo on these cups for a lasting impression,

drink bottle

gimme caps

Apparel For Summer

From caps to polo shirts, Bagwell Promotions has spring and summer apparel for the outdoors. Perfect for a tie-in with Baseball games with a team logo or your company name or logo.

Easy online ordering for all of our apparel.

Cotton Polo Shirts

sports item

Sports-Related Promotional Products

No matter the sport, we have promotional items that can tie into your business or organization, including stress balls, key chains,  ink pins, awards, shirts and hats, team schedules, and other giveaways. We have you covered for Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, NASCAR –Professional, College or Public School, Little League or Church League. Start your search on our Sports Promotion page at Bagwell Promotions.

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