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Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Challenge Coins For Your Military, Civic or Non-Profit Organization

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion that bears an organization’s insignia or emblem that is carried by the organization’s members. Traditionally, they might be given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale.

Challenge coins are also collected by service members and law enforcement personnel. These challenge coins are made in a variety of sizes. During the years, challenge coins have been presented by unit commanders in recognition of achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization.

Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Produced Challenge Coins

At Bagwell Promotions, we design and make Challenge Coins in a variety of sizes. Each is carefully produced and customized for your organization. The challenge coins included here include the Free 2D dies for both sides. High polish gold or nickel plate. Antique brass or antique silver plate. Solid brass base material. 3mm thickness (about 1/8”) Sizes from  1 1/2 inch diameter to 3 inches. Easy online ordering.  Special packaging also available.

Challenge Coin in caseWho Uses Challenge Coins?

  • Military Branches and Individual Military Units
  • Members of Congress
  • Law Enforcement such as Police, Sheriffs or Departments of Public Safety
  • Federal Agencies such as ICE, US Marshals
  • EMS and First Responders
  • Universities and Scientific Organizations
  • Sports Teams
  • Many Other Organizations

Origin of Challenge Coins

History is filled with stories detailing the origins of the challenge coin. We know The Roman Empire rewarded soldiers by presenting them with coins to recognize their achievements.

Challenge coins were also known as “Portrait Medals” during the Renaissance and were often used to commemorate specific events involving royalty, nobility, or other types of well-to-do individuals.

Modern Challenge Coins originated during World War I.

The challenge coin tradition now applies to all military units, in all branches of service, and even to non-military organizations as well as the United States Congress, which produces challenge coins for members of Congress to give to constituents. Today, challenge coins are given to members upon joining an organization, as an award to improve morale, and sold to commemorate special occasions or as fundraisers.

The Challenge

The tradition of a challenge is the most common way to ensure that members are carrying their unit’s coin. The rules of a challenge are not always formalized for an organization and may vary between organizations. The tradition of the coin challenge is meant to be a source of morale in a unit. The act of challenging is called a “Coin Check” and is usually loudly announced.

While most holders of challenge coins usually carry them in their pockets or some other readily accessible place on their persons, many are displayed in cases or a formal setting in a home or office.

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