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Clear School Backpacks with Logo or Message Imprint

clear school backpacksSome Schools Are Now Requiring Clear School Backpacks

Following recent school shootings,  many school districts have initiated restrictions on the type of backpacks students can bring to school.

Clear backpacks allow administrators and other officials an easy way to see what is actually in a backpack.

Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations can purchase Clear School Backpacks with their name, logo or message imprinted.

For companies with students or parents as customers, this can offer an opportunity to provide something of value that will be appreciated.  Non-profit organizations such as PTAs or Student groups can put the school logo or team slogan on these clear student backpacks.

clear backpack

Clear Student Backpacks

These backpacks have a clear vinyl construction. Most have two or more compartments and have a strap for easy carrying with a zippered pocket. Use these clear backpacks at other events such as sporting events, concerts, or other venues where a clear bag is required.

Before purchasing these promotional items, You should check with the school district, arena, or organization to ensure your backpack or bag meets the size requirement for that specific use.

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We have a section of clear bags for NFL and stadium use.

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About Backpacks

While a  backpack (also called rucksack, knapsack, packsack, pack, Haversack, or Bergen) is usually made of cloth, the availability of clear backpacks now allows for easy viewing of the contents. It usually has two straps that go over the shoulders. It is used to carry things in it, and it often has many compartments for you to put things in. People often use backpacks on camping trips, hikes, or any outdoor activity where people need to carry many things. Backpacks are also be used in the military by soldiers. It can also be used in school, or in this case, it is also called a book bag or school bag.

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Imprinted Promotional Bags

We have thousands of bags that can be imprinted with your company name or logo. Many can be imprinted in full color.

These include plastic, nonwoven paper, backpacks, grocery bags along with clear plastic bags. We have dry bags, seasonal bags for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays along with beach bags and duffle bags.  We even have wine bags and specialty bags.  If it a bag, we have it!  See over 2,000 of our most popular bags.  Many can be imprinted in full-color.

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This year Back to School will be different.  Find hundreds of back to school promotional items to make it easier for teachers, students, parents, or business owners. From PPE to pencils, at Bagwell Promotions, we are committed to helping you get Back To School in a safe manner.

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