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Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

Now you can have a “one of a kind” USB Flash Drive for your business.

custom flash driveWe can shape a USB Flash Drive into virtually any shape — hands, musical instruments — even your company logo.

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

Just send us your artwork, logo, or idea, and we can show you how to have a unique promotion that is also useful for your customers or prospects.
The examples on the left are just a few ways to transform any idea into a custom-shaped USB flash drive.

And the cost is reasonable.

Anyone with a computer would welcome a flash drive. And with your logo, company, or organizational name in a custom shape,  your message will be “top of mind” every time your customers or prospects insert these USB Memory sticks into their computers.

Custom-shaped USB flash drives make a great promo for trade shows, employee gifts, sales promotions, or other times when you want a unique gift.

For more information on custom-shaped USB Drives, or contact Bagwell Promotions.

man in a hurry rushing for flash drives

Need USB Flash Drives in a Hurry?

We have several flash drives that can be imprinted with your logo, company name, or message and ship within 24 hours. We offer several of our most popular USB Flash Drives with 24 hour Rush Service. Orders in by 9 a.m. Central Time typically can ship the next day. We must have “camera-ready art” and payment by major credit card with the order. Orders must be confirmed by customer service at 1-866-281-8330. Subject to availability of stock.

Don’t See The Flash Drive You Are Looking For?

flash drives

Promotional Flash Drives | USB Drives

We have thousands of USB flash drives that can be customized for any business or organization.  Add your name or logo, and you have a promotion that is not only useful, but that will be remembered every time someone uses it.   These come in a variety of styles and colors.  We now have flash drives up to 64GB of memory. Bagwell Promotions also has Flash Drives that work with the new 3.0 ports.

What kind of business can use USB Flash Drives as a Promotion?

  • High Tech companies
  • Internet businesses
  • Financial institutions
  • Mortgage and Insurance Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Any business that has customers or prospects who use a computer.

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