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Direct To Garment Printing

direct to garment printingNow, Get High-Quality Full-Color Reproduction on Apparel With Direct To Garment Printing From Bagwell Promotions

What Is Direct To Garment Printing?

Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG for short, is a printing technology that jets eco-friendly water-based inks onto the garment to create your image. The ink is bonded onto the garment by a pretreatment layer cured in a textile dryer. 

This is different from traditional silk screening technology. Screen printing uses a plastisol ink pushed through a synthetic mesh screen by a squeegee to create your image. A unique screen must be made for each color element of your design. The individual screens are then registered and printed layer by layer onto the garment. The final step is to cure the ink in a textile dryer, which bonds it to the shirt.

Direct to Garment Printing Bundle

Introducing the Direct To Garment Bundle

We’ve taken our most popular shirts and apparel and bundled them with Direct To Garment Printing. You get one price for the full-color printing and the shirt or garment. You provide your logo or other artwork, and we do the rest. The only additional charge is the shipping of your order. With a low minimum of only five pieces, this process makes it easy for anyone to have a high-quality shirt or other apparel at a reasonable cost.  We have over 30 of our most popular shirts from  Gildan, Port & Company, Sport-Tek, Bella+Canvas, etc. There is something across all lines from inexpensive to premium in our Direct to Garment Printing Bundle. Utilizing the latest in HD full-color digital printing with quality apparel & professional design creates a winning combination.  Don’t see what you want in our bundle selection? Direct to Garment printing is available on almost all of our apparel.

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct To Garment Printing On Any Item In Our Catalog

Don’t see the item you want in our Direct To Garment Bundle above?  We can use Direct to Garment Printing on over 10,000 apparel in our catalog, including aprons, bandanas, belts, caps and hats, coats and jackets,  ear muffs, ear bands and headbands, pants, and slacks, robes, scarfs, shirts, sweaters, and t-shirts. Just select your item and tell us you want Direct To Garment Printing.l Note, except for items listed in our Direct to Garment bundle above, or unless otherwise noted, items in our catalog are for the apparel garment only.  The decoration is extra.  While most items can be Direct to Garment Printed, some items are best for embroidery or other decorations.  Don’t hesitate to contact a customer service representative for more details.

More on Direct To Garment Printing From Wikipedia

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is a process of printing on textiles using specialized aqueous inkjet technology. DTG printers typically have a platen designed to hold the garment in a fixed position, and the printer inks are jetted or sprayed onto the textile by the print head. DTG typically requires that the garment be pre-treated with a PTM or Pre-treatment machine allowing for the following:

  • Stronger bond between garment fibers and the pigmented inks
  • Lays down loose fibers to provide for a smoother substrate
  • Chemically reacts with the inks to promote drying and curing

Since this is a digital process the print is sharper and has a higher resolution, or DPI, than traditional printing methods such as screen printing. However, unlike screen printing, there is no long setup or clean-up process, and DTG has the ability to print just one single shirt for minimal cost.
DTG printers use aqueous textile inks (water-based chemistry) that require a unique curing process. Since D2 inks are water-based, they work best for printing on natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, and linen. In addition, pre-treatment is typically applied to the garment before printing. The pre-treatment is heat-pressed into the custom t-shirt causing the fibers of the shirt to lay down. The pre-treatment also allows the water-based inks to bond more fully to the garment. This is especially important when using white ink on dark garments.

Once the custom garment -for instance a t-shirt- has been properly pre-treated, the shirt (or garment) is then positioned onto a platten system designed to hold the shirt in place. The shirt is then digitally printed according to the design in the printer queue.

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