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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

eco-friendly promotional productsImprinted with your Name, Logo or Message

Looking for a way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment? Why not choose eco-friendly promotional products that reflect your values?

We have assembled on this page some of the most popular environmentally friendly and “green” promotional items that can enable your business or organization to stay top-of-mind and help the environment.

We have promo items that are made from recycled materials, biodegradable, or made from environmentally friendly sources.

These are just a few of over 1,000 eco-friendly promotional products  that we offer.


Ad Grocery Bag

Eco Friendly Grocery,Non Woven & Plastic Bags

Most of our our bags can be reused and many are made from recycled material.
We offer:

Corn Natural Plastic Stalk

Corn Plastic Products – A Natural Alternative – grown in the USA!

Until recently, plastic products have been manufactured utilizing a petroleum based material. Now, there is a natural plastic – made from USA Corn. These corn based products have the durability of plastic, but break down naturally by composting.
We have hundreds of corn plastic promotional items including mugs, rulers, golf tees and more.

Recycled Mug

Recycled Mugs and Cups

Now, we make it easy and affordable for you to offer your customers and prospects a gift they will appreciate and that is good for the environment. These double-wall recycled mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, have spill-resistant lids and an ergonomic handle. Completely green – made from recycled materials.

Recycled Tire Circle

Ever Wonder What Happens To Those Old Tires On The Side of the Road?

Now, we’re recycling those old tires to make promo items. What better connection for your business than to show you care about the environment. We have jar openers, coasters, and key tags.

Corn Plastic Ink Pen

Eco-Friendly Promotional Ink Pens

Every day millions of ink pens are used in businesses and homes throughout the US. Now, this inexpensive “green” promo item is available in many eco-friendly styles.

promotional plants

Promotional Plants / Planter

Consider plants as a promotion. It is just one of the eco-friendly promotional products offered by Bagwell Promotions. Put your name, logo or message on the plant. Over 275 different plants or seed packets.

Coaster Leather

Leather Coasters

Keep an eco-friendly “green” message front and center on your customer or prospect’s desktop or table with a leather coaster. Natural, full grain leather made from 100% post-industrial waste and absorbs water.
See all of our Leather Coasters

Ten Ways Green Magnet Large

“10 Ways To Be Green at Home” Magnet

Add your name, logo or message to this non-toxic magnet made from 50 per cent recycled magnetic material. Click on image for larger picture.

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