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Event ID Control Bracelets

event bracelets id control bracelets

Event ID Control Bracelets / Wristbands Help Regulate Security and Control Events.

Event wristbands or bracelets –sometimes called ID control bracelets or one-day bracelets —  help regulate exclusive events where security is important.

We offer two styles of event bracelets —plastic bracelets and the popular Tyvek bracelets.

Who uses event wristbands or bracelets? Church or youth camps, concerts, sporting events o,r nightclub parties are just a few of the functions where  ID Control Bracelets are helpful to control the crowd.

Once fastened, these custom bracelets are virtually impossible to transfer to someone else. Our event bracelets are there to stay until you cut them off!

Is your company sponsoring an exclusive event? We can print your name and message on these event bracelets and let security hand them out to regulate your significant exclusive events.

These bracelets are also useful within the medical community.  See our  Medical Bracelets here.

ID Control Bracelets Are Useful for:

  • Controlling Admission at Events
  • Identification (Medical ID)
  • Child ID
  • Product Verification
  • Meetings and Trade Shows

id control bracelets

Vinyl ID Control Bracelets

See all of the vinyl wristbands.  Some are sold in boxes of 500 or 250 only. Blank and Imprinted available.

tyvek wristbands

Tyvek ID Control Bracelets

Tyvek Bracelets Blank wristbands are generally boxed in 250 or 500 to a box. The prices listed are for a single wristband unless otherwise noted. Imprint available.

Stock Wristbands   We offer Tyvek wristbands with some of the most popular imprints ready for immediate delivery. You will find General Admission, VIP, Party, and Alcohol, among others.

more bracelets

Looking For A Different Bracelet?

We have thousands of wristbands and bracelets for every occasion, from event management to awareness.  You can see all of our bracelets and wristbands here. They include silicone, rubber, neoprene, vinyl, Tyvek, Slap Bracelets, and more. These can be custom produced with your name, message, and, in some cases your logo. Great for Schools or for Events or Concerts. If you need help, contact one of our professional customer service representatives at Bagwell Promotions. 

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