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Giant Pizza Promotion – Drive Retail Traffic

Giant Pizza PromotionBoost Sales and Family Traffic With The Giant Pizza Promotion.

Increase Restaurant Traffic With Giant In-Store Promotions.

For Pizza Restaurants — or any family restaurant– the Giant Pizza Promotion makes a great any-time-of-the-year promotion.

Complete with a 5-foot-tall pizza and plenty of toys, this promotion can attract attention.

It has promotional material, an entry box, and 1000 entry blanks. This restaurant promotion is ready to go.

Collect the entry blanks, and you have a mailing or e-mail list of some of your best customers.

Easy online ordering is available by clicking the link below or calling 1-866-281-8830.

Order / More Information on Giant Pizza Promotion

Giant Pizza Retail Promotion / Order / Pricing

2023 Toy List in pdf format.

Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant and Food Service Promotions

We have lots of promotions specifically designed for the Restaurant and Food Service Industry.  These include cups and glasses, carry-out bags, apparel, and more.  We also offer direct mail promotions and traditional advertising including social media promotions.

More Contests For Use Throughout the Year

Valentine Retail Traffic Promotion

Valentine Contest / Sweepstakes

This promotion is perfect for after Christmas or to kick off a New Year’s promotion. Our mix is constantly updated to maximize interest and excitement. The Valentine Teddy Bear Promotion has 8-10 toys, a red wagon, a box of Valentine’s Chocolates, and the Stuffed Bear. All of our toy promotions Include entry blanks and an entry box –everything you need for a successful promotion.

Giant Easter Bunny

Giant Easter Bunny Contest /Sweepstakes

Are you looking for an Easter Promotion? We offer two unique Easter Traffic Builders. The Giant Easter Bunny, or the World’s Biggest Easter Basket, comes with toys, entry blanks, and an entry box. All of our toy promotions Include entry blanks and an entry box –everything you need for a successful promotion.

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Spring Promotions

bernie the bear summer promotion

Patriotic Summer Contest / Sweepstakes

It’s hard to get retail traffic during the summer—an excellent contest for Labor Day, the 4th of July, or Memorial Day. The Patriotic Summer Contest is available with Bernie the Bear or a Giant Stocking. In addition to the Patriotic Display, we’ve included toys kids want and everything you need for a contest, sweepstakes, or fundraiser — entry blanks, entry box, and posters.

More Summer Promotional Ideas

giant crayon bacl tp school promotion

Back To School Contest / Sweepstakes

Developing a new and exciting promotion for back-to-school can be challenging. We’ve created a Giant Crayon Promotion that includes toys, fun things, and some back-to-school items kids will enjoy. As with all our promotions, entry blanks, an entry box, and other promotional materials are included. Just open the box, and you are ready to go.

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Giant Halloween Stocking

Halloween Contest /Sweepstakes

Our Halloween Promotion is available as a Giant 6-foot or 8-foot “Halloween Treat” with seasonal toys and games. Thousands of businesses have used these promotions to drive traffic to a store location. Includes all the support material — entry blanks, entry box, and posters.

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Giant Christmas Stocking

World’s Largest Christmas Stocking Contest / Sweepstakes

This is our most popular program. For over 40 years, businesses have been using this promotion to drive traffic to their stores. The Giant Christmas Stocking promotion comes in 6-foot or 8-foot versions. A new addition is the Santa Sack. All Christmas promotions include selecting seasonal toys, the entry box, entry blanks, and promotional material. This is a ready, out-of-the-box promotion that is sure to get attention.

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Bernie The Bear

Bernie The Bear Promotion

Need a promotion to attract family traffic at a time other than a holiday?  The Bernie, The Bear Promotion can be used anytime to drive retail traffic.  We can even decorate the Bernie for something special by adding a hat and bow. We also include an entry box and entry blanks, making implementing your sweepstakes or contest easy.

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