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Imprinted Bumper Stickers

imprinted bumper stickers

Imprinted Bumper Stickers are great ways to promote your business.

Now, we have made it easy and affordable to order bumper stickers. From a simple one-color bumper sticker to a full-color image, we can make your message, logo, or name stand out.

Who uses Promotional Bumper Stickers?

  • Radio Stations
  • Political Candidates
  • Churches and non-profit organizations
  • Retail Stores
  • Almost any business or organization that wants their message seen daily.

bumper stickers

Imprinted Promotional Bumper Stickers

You can design your bumper stickers in a variety of sizes or colors. Bumper Stickers are useful for radio stations,  political campaigns, sports teams, an,d more.  You can even include a coupon or other message on the back of a bumper sticker. Order as few as 100 with and customize with your company or organization name,  logo, or message. Easy online ordering.

See our most popular imprinted bumper stickers – including full color

The History Behind The Bumper Sticker

Just like a pin on your lapel or a logo on your T-shirt, people throughout America express their opinion or identity with a bumper sticker. The actual bumper sticker is about as old as the automobile on which the sticker is affixed to the bumper.

When the Ford Model A was introduced in 1927, it featured prominent front and rear bumpers. We are not sure exactly how it happened, but soon car owners were thinking, “I can  use this surface to express my opinions and preferences!” And people started putting things on their bumper.

At first, bumper signs were made of metal or cardboard and attached to the bumper with wire. The bumper sticker, a,s we know it was invented in 1946 by a Kansas City screen printer named Forest P. Gill. The company he founded is still making bumper stickers and is the primary factory that Bagwell Promotions uses for our bumper stickers.

How those first bumper stickers came about from Gill was by accident. After War II, he found himself with a surplus of adhesive-backed paper and fluorescent paint, s,o he decided to combine them. The result — A bumper sticker! Today there are thousands of them. You can add your message to a bumper sticker and express your opinion.

Parking Sticker

More Advertising Stickers

We have thousands of other advertising stickers – including parking stickers, floor decals, political stickers, roll stickers, sheet stickers, and more. These come in a variety of sizes and with several options such as removable or permanent. On parking stickers, we can print numbers or individual names. Stickers and decals have been used by businesses and non-profits for years to “get the word out” about an event or promote a product or services. See all of our stickers here.

Promotional Events Calendar

Looking For More Ways To Promote Your Business or Organization?

Find hundreds of monthly and weekly events that you can “tie-in” a promotion with your business. The Promotional Marketing and Events Calendar is a service of the Marketing Resource Blog.

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