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Imprinted Can Holders | Beverage Insulators

Imprinted Can HoldersLooking For An Inexpensive Promotional GiveAway That People Will Keep?- Consider Imprinted Can Holders?

You’ll find the traditional foam beverage insulators, and the new collapsible can holders are great ways to showcase your message, name, or logo. Use these imprinted can holders for employee events, concerts, or other outdoor activities or trade show giveaways.

If you plan on spending plenty of time outdoors koozies or can holders are an outdoor drinking staple you should never be without.

From the neoprene styles to the latest double-wall stainless steel koozies, there are plenty of options for keeping your drink cool at all times. These drink holders are designed to fit beer cans and beer bottles, soft drink cans, and more. Most are sweatproof and will keep your hands dry so you can focus on the task at hand.

foam beverage holder

Imprinted Can Holders / Beverage Insulators/ Koozies

Call them can holders, can coolers, beverage holders – we have over 1,000 items to select from. We even have the original Can Koozie. Put your logo, name, or message on these beverage insulators and you have a great summer ( or anytime) promotional gift. See our most popular can holders.

See all (over 1,000) of our can holders or beverage insulators

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More Promotional Drinkware

Don’t see the tumbler, bottle, or mug you are looking for?  At Bagwell Promotions, if you can put liquid in it, we have it. See our most popular promotional drinkware here. Coffee cups and Mugs, Tumblers, Glasses, Bar Accessories and Shot Glasses, Wine Glasses, Water Bottles, Stadium Cups, Paper and Disposable Cups, Can Coolers and Koozies are just a few of the different drinkware that we offer. And we can put your name, logo, or message on over 100,000 items, from bottles, tumblers, mugs, and more

Promotional Drinkware

Imprinted Can Holders

According to Wikipedia, A koozie is used to insulate a chilled beverage from warming by warm air or sunlight. Using a koozie can reduce the rate of drink warms in the sun by up to 50%.

Secondary uses include easily identifying one’s beverage from another person’s and for marketing. By imprinting on the koozie many different companies have used the koozie as a promotional giveaway because it is not only inexpensive to manufacture, but its frequent use is more likely to bring the company’s name to a household presence. Originally a logo or image was screen-printed on a round foam cylinder with a foam base, which generally has a hole at the base to ease inserting and removing beverage containers. Another use is for keeping the drinker’s hands warm whilst consuming the chilled beverage in the koozie.

The koozie has evolved in both material and style. Materials used include leather,  neoprene, EVA, polyester, and vinyl.  There are koozies for 40 oz. bottles, and adjustable koozies that fit different beverage container sizes.

Made In The USA

Made In The USA Promotional Products

If you require your promo items to be Made In The USA, we have a large selection of 100 percent Made In The USA Promotional Products.  Put your logo, name, or message on hundreds of items made right here in America. Easy online ordering. See What Does “Made In USA” Mean?

COVID -19 Apparel

COVID Coordinated Corporate Apparel

Now, Your Company Brand Can Have A Coordinated Look During the COVID-19 Crisis with Shirts and Face Masks that match. Many businesses rushed to provide face masks and covering for their employees during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis –  -particularly in the restaurant and service industry.  But there was one problem. In most cases, those face masks didn’t match the shirts and corporate branding. Now you can have a uniform look for your brand or company with the Blue Generation Line.  Find more information on COVID Coordinated Corporate Apparel here.

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More Corporate Apparel

Are you looking for something different than what you see on this page?  Bagwell Promotions has one of the largest selections of Corporate Apparel on the Internet.  We offer selections from hundreds of suppliers in a wide array of styles and colors. Most can be embroidered or imprinted with your company or organization’s name or logo.  We have Aprons, Bandanas, Belts, Caps and Hats, Coats and Jackets, Ear Muffs, Headbands, Pants, Slacks, Shorts, Robes, Scarfs, Shirts, Sweaters, and  T-shirts. From casual to professional, we have a corporate look for your brand or company.  Easy Online ordering.

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