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Imprinted Neck Coolers | Keep Cool

Neck Cooler
If you have customers or prospects that spend time outdoors or in hot environments, then neck coolers with your company name, logo, or message could be the perfect promotional giveaway.

These Neck Coolers Are Great For:

  • Construction or road workers
  • Delivery drivers or route sales staff
  • Summer and church camps
  • Lawn Care professionals
  • Concerts or outdoor summer events
  • Year-round use in warehouses or other hot environments
  • Anyone who spends time outdoors in the summer
  • Sports events or outdoor parties
  • Vacations

Each Neck Cooler can be customized with your company name or message. Your customers or prospects will be thinking of you each time they use these neck wraps. Can you think of a more positive way for someone to view your company?

The neck cooler is a water-activated body cooling scarf.

Use these neck coolers year-round to help improve comfort when people experience heat-stress. These body coolers help lower the body’s temperature and provide long-lasting relief.

This is the perfect green promotional item because people can save energy costs when they lower their air conditioning use.

These cooling neck wraps contain a non-toxic, super-absorbent co-polymer.  It is completely safe and environmentally friendly.  Each neck cooler is guaranteed to last a minimum of 3 months.

How does a Neck Cooler Work?

First, soak in clean water. As water permeates the fabric, super absorbent copolymer crystals encapsulated in the neck cooler absorb over 400 times their weight in water. Snap it under the chin and wear it like a scarf to absorb your body’s heat. When exposed to fresh air, the neck cooler evaporates water and your body’s heat.

Available in eight colors (blue, turquoise, pink, sage, lime green, orange, yellow, and silver), plus white or custom colors.
Price includes 1 1/2 by 3-inch dye sublimated imprint.  Set up is included.

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