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Imprinted Neoprene Bracelets

imprinted neoprene bracelets and wristbandsNeoprene Wristbands — customized with your name, logo, or message

Imprinted neoprene bracelets / wristbands are a great way to promote just about anything. Our neoprene wristbands are available in a large range of sizes and colors to create a custom wristband especially for your business, school or organization.

Neoprene custom wristbands are lightweight and have a soft, cloth-like feel. They are perfect for fundraising promotions. Schools can sell the bracelets as fundraisers to increase school spirit. They are wonderful for field trips, day care and day camp too. Clubs, sports teams and churches can include the neoprene custom wristbands in fundraising programs to earn money to support their organization.

Our neoprene custom bracelets have a quick 12-day turn production time.

Imprinted Neoprene Bracelets and Wristbands

neoprene braceletsThese neoprene wristbands are lightweight and have the feel of cloth. Neoprene wristbands are great for

  • Awareness Programs
  • Fundraising Events
  • School Spirit
  • Field Trips
  • Day Care or Day Camps


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Why Neoprene For A Bracelet?

Neoprene is a soft, flexible, and durable synthetic sponge rubber that has the following unique features:

  • Water Resistance: Neoprene  sheds water, making it an ideal outdoor material.
  • Weather Resistance:    Neoprene (rubber) resists degradation from sunlight, ozone, oxidation, rain, snow, sand and dust.
  • Stretchable : Neoprene is elastic and form-fitting.
  • Lightweight and Buoyancy: Neoprene is light weight and can float on the water.
  • Latex Free:  Since neoprene is a synthetic rubber, there is no latex in neoprene- no allergy that is associated with latex will be found in neoprene.

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Looking For A Different Bracelet?

We have thousands of wristbands and bracelets for every occasion from event management to awareness.  You can see all of our bracelets and wristbands here or find our most popular bracelets and wristbands on this page. Or, use the Quick Search at the top of this page and enter a search term such as school spirit bracelet. For more help, you can contact Bagwell Promotions.

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