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Imprinted Promotional Magnets

Imprinted Promotional MagnetsProvide your customers and prospects with a gift they will use and keep

From outdoor magnets for cars and trucks to calendar magnets, we have one of the largest selections of magnets on the Internet. We have included some of our most popular products on this page.

Imprinted Promotional Magnets

business card magnetA

Business Card Magnets

Promotional Magnets that look like business cards make great handouts at trade shows and other events. Use them as traditional business cards to keep your business name in front of your customers and prospects all year. Our business card magnets are full-color printed magnets cut to the standard 3.5″ x 2″ size. Custom sizes are also available. All magnet designs are printed directly onto vinyl.

Automobile Magnets

Exterior Auto Magnets

Need a moving billboard for your company? Our exterior auto magnets are perfect. Easily attaches to a car, truck, van, or another vehicle. Customized in full color with your name, logo, or message. Automobile Magnets Are a Traveling Billboard. You want people to know about your business. What better way than your name, logo, phone number, or message on a car magnet? Printed on heavy all-weather stock, our high-quality, inexpensive car magnets are a lasting way to promote your business when you want, wherever you want.  While most businesses use these on vehicles, they can be used on any metal surface. Use them as signs on the side of the building or to direct traffic.

magnet calendar

Calendar Magnets

Put your logo, name, or message on an imprinted magnet Calendar, and your prospects and customers will think about you for a whole year. Available in economy one-color or full-color imprint. Please choose one of our designs or create your magnet. Everyone needs a calendar. With these magnets, people will think of your company all year long. And they can call you immediately when they need your service or product.

custom shaped magnet

Special Shaped Magnets

Available in hundreds of shapes. We have magnets shaped like cars, houses, animals, plants, telephones, tools, and more. Perfect for businesses from auto-related, real estate, service businesses, and more. Select from thousands of shaped magnets. These magnets are sure to get attention.

clip magnet

Clip Magnets

Sometimes known as “chip clips,” these magnets can hold things together or keep a bag closed. They offer an excellent way to keep snacks fresh. The magnet can clip to a refrigerator or other metal surface to hold papers or notes. A clip magnet will be welcomed and remembered by your customers or prospects, who will think of you for many years.

More Promotional Magnets

We have one of the largest selections of magnets on the Internet. Find over a thousand different magnets here.

Refrigerator MagnetsWho Uses Imprinted Magnets?

Almost any business can use a magnet to promote their business, including:

  • Dentists, Medical Professionals, and Healthcare Providers
  • New and Used Car Dealers
  • Paint and Body Shops
  • Tire Companies
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Companies
  • Florist
  • Construction Companies
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Banks, Financial Services Companies
  • Restaurants and Caters
  • Almost any business or non-profit organization


Imprinted Promotional Magnet

Don’t See the Magnet You Are Looking For On This Page?

We have magnets for just about any promotion. From outdoor magnets for cars and trucks to calendar magnets and business card magnets, we have one of the largest selections of magnets on the Internet. Find our most popular promotional magnets here. Or use the Quick Search at the top of this page.

COVID-19 Prevention

Ways To Keep Your Customers & Employees Safe

We have hundreds of promotional items to help you navigate the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis. These include Face Mask, Floor Decals, Advertising Stickers, Banners, Signs, Personal Protective Equipment, and more. Today, many of our customers are concerned about where their promo items come from. That is why we also have a complete line of promotional items made in the USA. Most items can be imprinted with your company or organization name, logo, or message.

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