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Imprinted Promotional Playing Cards

What better way to get your logo, name or message in front of your customers or prospects?

promotional playing cards imprinted

Imprinted Advertising and Promotional
Playing Cards

People have enjoyed card games for years. Did you know that the sandwich was invented through playing cards? John Montague, Earl of Sandwich, was a compulsive gambler who lived in England during the 1700s. He loved playing cards so much that he wouldn’t leave even for meals. He had a servant bring him a piece of meat between two slices of bread.  This enabled him to play cards with one hand and eat with the other. This new meal was named “the Sandwich.”

promotional playing cardsNow you can have your name, logo or message imprinted in full color on playing cards on this page.  We also have budget playing cards with your name or logo printed in one color or hot stamped on the back of standard cards.  No matter your budget, we have playing cards for your next promotion.

Imprinted Promotional Playing Cards

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Who Uses Promotional Playing Cards?

Perfect for:

  • corporate logos
  • trade shows
  • events, promotions
  • product branding and marketing
  • create excitement

Photo Playing Cards

Some of our Playing Cards on this page are produced overseas.  If you require USA made cards or have a specific requirement, please contact customer service at 866-281-8830.

We have Paper Custom Designed Poker Size Playing Cards in full color (4 Color Process). Play a strong hand with full custom designed poker size playing cards as your next promotional campaign. Made of 10.5 – 2 ply authentic playing card stock, this timeless game is sure to make a bold statement with its full color customization. Some of the playing cards are packaged in gold tuck box with cello window. Other packaging available.

poker chips

Complement Your Promotion With Custom Poker Chips

Imagine the possibilities of having your company name, logo or message on a poker chip. Great for trade shows or other events.  See hundreds of poker chips that can be customized for your company or organization.

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