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Imprinted Promotional Products

Imprinted Promotional ProductsCustom and Unique
Promotional Marketing Products

Looking for custom or imprinted promotional products? We have over 500,000 unique promotional items that are perfect for your business or organization.

You will find a listing of our most popular promotional products listed by category.

Or, you can search all 500,000 products in our on-line catalog.

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Remember, most items can be customized or imprinted with your company name, logo or message.

Why Should You Use Imprinted Promotional Products With Your Advertising?

Every business should incorporate promotional products into their ad campaigns because promo items are great for helping new companies establish their brands and also for helping existing companies increase their sales and find new leads. When customers use promo items, they are giving other people a look at a company’s logo or message, and that just keeps generating interest. It creates a life-cycle that rarely breaks.
From a lip balm to a mouse pad, promotional products come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In many cases, if you can think of it, it is most likely available as a promotional product for you to further customize and use.  This allows you to customize a marketing campaign so that it is more relevant to your specific demographic. Every single day you hear about a new marathon, a new music festival, a new community event. Today’s consumers expect brands to reach them on a personal level. There is no better way to connect with a consumer on a personal level than promotional products.

There are an endless array of options:

With over 3,900 suppliers in the industry, there are hundreds of thousands of promotional products that can fit any budget. Having a variety of options allows for greater flexibility when planning out a marketing campaign of any size.

Often, new marketing opportunities arise out of the blue and require quick action. Luckily, promotional consultants usually have a list of products that can be turned around quickly to meet your needs. There are even products that can be shipped within 24 hours of placing an order! People love receiving promotional products, there’s no denying it. Whether it’s a little boy playing with a yo-yo from the local bakery to a woman carrying a tote from her nail salon, promotional products are appreciated and welcomed in all walks of life. 90.4% of people who have received a promotional product reported either currently owning or possessing a promotional product received within the last 24 months.

Bagwell Promotions is your source for Imprinted Promotional Products.

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