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Imprinted Promotional Slap Bracelets

action band promotional slap braceletsBagwell Promotions offers these promotional slap bracelets in many styles, including the vinyl slap bracelet with the option of reflective colors for safety.

All offer a comfortable fit and can be worn by adults or children. You can also print your name, logo, or message on either of these slap bracelet styles.

Who Uses Slap Bracelets?

Some of the businesses and organizations that can use slap bracelets include:

  • Clubs, Fraternity, or Sorority Campus Organizations
  • Event Promoters, Music Producers
  • Radio Stations
  • School Spirit and Booster Clubs

Promotional Slap Bracelets

slap wrap

Classic Vinyl Slap Bracelets

These classic vinyl slap bracelets are great for outdoor activities and exercise and are ideal for schools looking to keep their students safe in the early morning or going home at dusk. Add your name, logo, or message, and you have a great promotion. They are made in the USA.

More Information /Order USA Reflective Wrist Bands 

silicone slap braclets

Silicone Slap Bracelets

These silicone bracelets are made from the same material as the famous “LiveStrong” bracelets but in a slap style. These are reasonably priced promotional gifts for schools, concerts, or other events.

More information / Order: Silicone Slap Bracelets

More Slap Bracelets – Over 400 different slap bracelets. Note: some of these items are produced overseas and may require longer production time.

Fun Fact

The slap bracelet was invented in 1983 by a high school shop teacher from Wisconsin named Stuart Anders. According to the New York Times, Anders was playing with a steel ribbon in his father’s shop when the million-dollar idea slapped him on the wrist.

more bracelets

Looking For A Different Bracelet?

We have thousands of wristbands and bracelets for every occasion, from event management to awareness.  You can see all of our bracelets and wristbands here. They include silicone, rubber, neoprene, vinyl, Tyvek, Slap Bracelets, and more. These can be custom produced with your name, message, and, in some cases your logo. Great for Schools or for Events or Concerts. If you need help, contact one of our professional customer service representatives at Bagwell Promotions. 

Made In The USA

Made In The USA Promotional Products

If you require your promo items to be Made In The USA, we have a large selection of 100 percent Made In The USA Promotional Products.  Put your logo, name, or message on hundreds of items made right here in America. Easy online ordering. See What Does “Made In USA” Mean?

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