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Medical Wristbands

medical wristbandsWristbands for the Medical Community – Blank and Imprinted

During this time of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, medical wristbands are a necessary item.

Bagwell Promotions has a complete line of bracelets and wristbands for the medical community.  Blank merchandise can ship within 24 hours, and most imprinted bands can ship in a few days.

medical wristbandsTyvek® wristbands are an affordable way to secure entry or keep track of patients. You can write on a Tyvek® wristband with a marker or custom imprint information. The security closure is made from a waterproof adhesive.

Plastic Cover Seal wristbands are ideal for patient information. Labels are attached to the wristband, and the label is covered with an adhesive clear security film.Medical Bracelet

Bar Coded wristbands offer total security for access control and storage of data. Use Bar Codes on Plastic, Vinyl, or Tyvek®.

If you have specific needs, please contact us by email or telephone.

See our medical wristbands here.

Find several hundred more event and security bracelets and wristbands here.

See the blog post “How To Advertise During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis” for additional tips.

For Information on the Coronavirus, see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

At Bagwell Promotions, our staff is working from home following safety guidelines as outlined by the Center For Disease Control.

We are here to assist businesses and non-profits during this difficult time. We know some of your needs are different now, and not all advertising products have a place in today’s environment. However, there are many products we offer that useful or essential for businesses.

While our office is in Dallas, Texas, we work with factories and plants in almost 50 states. Some of our plants are closed, but many remain open but are working on reduced schedules. The bottom line is – If you need a promo item, we will try to source it for you.

Medical Wristbands

more bracelets

Looking For A Different Bracelet?

We have thousands of wristbands and bracelets for every occasion, from event management to awareness.  You can see all of our bracelets and wristbands here. They include silicone, rubber, neoprene, vinyl, Tyvek, Slap Bracelets, and more. These can be custom produced with your name, message, and, in some cases your logo. Great for Schools or for Events or Concerts. If you need help, contact one of our professional customer service representatives at Bagwell Promotions. 

COVID -19 Apparel

COVID Coordinated Corporate Apparel

Now, Your Company Brand Can Have A Coordinated Look During the COVID-19 Crisis with Shirts and Face Masks that match. Many businesses rushed to provide face masks and covering for their employees during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis –  -particularly in the restaurant and service industry.  But there was one problem. In most cases, those face masks didn’t match the shirts and corporate branding. Now you can have a uniform look for your brand or company with the Blue Generation Line.  Find more information on COVID Coordinated Corporate Apparel here.

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