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Promotional Blankets

The Perfect Winter or Outdoor Promotion

Promotional BlanketsPut Your Name Or Logo On A Promotional Blanket

Bagwell Promotions offers a variety of blankets that can carry your logo or message to your prospects or customers.

Blankets have been used for centuries to provide warmth and comfort.

Use Promotional Blankets

  • In Stadiums or at another outdoor event where people need to stay warm
  • In homes of offices
  • In the summertime, for picnics

The most common blanket material types relate to Polyester, Mink, Wool, Fleece, or Cotton.

There are at least 21 Kinds of Blankets available.

See over 4,000 promotional blankets from Bagwell Promotions that can be imprinted with your logo, name, or message.

Most blankets can be silkscreened or embroidered. Or, get classy and add a leatherette patch.

Featured Promotional Blankets

Fleece Blanket

Promotional Fleece Blanket

Made of polyester material, these quality fleece blankets are warm and fuzzy. Lightweight and easy to carry but still heavy enough to keep you warm indoors or outdoors. These promotional blankets come in an assortment of colors—easy online ordering.  We have over 2,000 blankets in our online catalog. Fleece blankets are the perfect choice for airplane travel, office, or throw blankets for home. Available in a variety of sizes. Smaller sizes are perfect for packing in a bag for an overnight trip or carrying to the couch for a light blanket to curl up with a good book. Most are machine washable.These

Throw Blanket

Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets are typically more oversized. Your customers or prospects can be warm and cozy at home with a cup of tea or a good book or in the stands at the homecoming game with these promotional blankets. Customize this throw with an embroidered imprint or leatherette patch of your initials, school, sports team, club, charity, or company emblem or message to create a comfy branded promotion that makes a spectacular executive gift or raffle.

Picnic Blankets

Picnic Blankets

While most blankets are used in winter, picnic blankets are typically used in spring and summer for warmer outdoor events. We have over 1,000 picnic blankets. This eye-catching picnic blanket is plush microfiber polyester with a water-repellent polyester oxford lining to help you stay dry. It’s also great for camping, trips to the beach, sporting events, and more. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo and message for heightened exposure. We’ve got you covered!

See over 4,000 promotional blankets from Bagwell Promotions that can be imprinted with your logo, name, or message.

imprinted ice scraper

More Winter Theme Promotions

Get Ready for the cold winter months! Ice Scrapers make great winter promotional products.  Your customers and prospects will see your name, logo, or message all winter long. We also offer hundreds of other promo items with a winter theme. Most items can be imprinted with your company or organization name, logo, or message and ship within 10 days.

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