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Promotional Products Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Promotional Products Frequently Asked QuestionsThe following are Promotional Products Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find an answer here, don’t hesitate to contact Bagwell Promotions.

What is an artwork charge?

An artwork charge typically applies to all orders unless you send your entire imprint in an acceptable electronic file. If you require only a small change in artwork — such as adding a website address or phone number — we will be glad to handle that at no charge. If you require a more complicated artwork change, a fee may apply. Intricate artwork may require an additional cost.

What is an acceptable format for my logo or artwork?

It depends. If your project is for embroidery, we can use a .jpg or .tiff file.

If your project is a “digital” job (such as printing), a .jpg or .tiff file will usually work.

Your files should be in a “vector” art format (.eps file) for almost all other jobs – preferably created in Adobe Illustrator. All images should be converted to “curves.” If your artwork is more than one color, each color should be in a different layer, and all colors should be included in the note section.


Please note: Just saving your file as a .eps file does not make it a “vector” file. If you save a .tif, bmp, or .jpg file as an .eps file, it will not make it a true .eps file, and it will not be acceptable. We can not accept files created in PhotoShop that are saved as .eps files since PhotoShop does not create “vector” artwork.

In most cases, if you have hired a professional graphics person to create your logo,  it would have been made as an .eps file. You can always check with your printer for this file format. Unless you have Adobe Illustrator, you probably will not be able to open the file on your computer. That’s ok. You can send it to us, and we will provide proof.

Less acceptable formats are .tif files. Rarely are .jpg or .gif files acceptable.

If you cannot provide us with your logo or image in the proper file format, we can convert that for you. A nominal fee will apply.

More information on the various forms of computer files and a discussion on printing.

What Are The Types of Decoration Available For Apparel?

Bagwell Promotions offers over 10,000 apparel in our catalog, including aprons, bandanas, belts, caps and hats, coats and jackets,  ear muffs, ear bands and headbands, pants, and slacks, robes, scarfs, shirts, sweaters, and t-shirts. All can be decorated or imprinted with your logo or message.

There are many kinds of apparel decorations. To see options see the page  Decoration 101. We have included some of the most common ways of decoration for Apparel on that page. For additional help,  contact a customer service representative.

More information on embroidery is here.

More Promotional Products Frequently Asked Questions

MorePromotional Products Frequently Asked Questions

What is a setup charge, and how does that differ from an art charge?

The setup charge is a fee charged by the manufacturer and involves preparing a plate and the other necessary steps to get your job on the press. This fee is typically $35 to $75 – depending upon the vendor. Some of our vendors do not charge a setup charge. A setup charge may also apply to repeat orders, but often the fee is reduced.

What is a PMS Color?

A PMS (Pantone Matching System) color is a numbering system used by printers and the promotional product industry to give you the very closest match to the color you want.

Because we use different vendors and factories for production, a “purple” cup may differ from a “purple” key chain. If you have to match color, it is best to discuss this with your customer service representative.

You can see a list of PMS colors here.

More information on the PMS color matching system, or find ordering information for your personal PMS Color book.

Promotional Products Frequently Asked Questions

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