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Recycled Tire Promotions

Old Tires

Ever wonder what happens to all those old tires you see on the side of the road?

Now, they can become a promo item for your business.

Instead of taking up space in a landfill, those used tires can by recycled into advertising promotions like jar openers, coasters, key chains and more.

Made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Tires. These items are durable and good for the environment.

Put your name, logo or message on these items and show you care about the environment.

Now Recycled Tires as Promotional Items

Recycled Tire PromotionsKey chains, coasters and jar openers are just a few of the promotional items made from recycled tires.

recycled jar openersRecycled Tire Promotions Are Great for:

  • New and used car dealers
  • Car washes
  • Auto repair shops
  • Tire dealers
  • Service stations
  • Towing & wrecker services
  • Auto detailing companies
  • Any auto related business
  • Any business that is concerned about the environment

Recycled Tire Logo

These Recycled Tire Promotions are  just one of our  eco-friendly promotional items.

Recycled Tire Promotions – Great for the Environment

Did you know that despite the small effort it takes to recycle tires, 240 million of them get thrown away in the United States alone? Less than 7% of them are recycled, with 11% becoming fuel and about 5% of them being exported out of the country. The rest are stockpiled, thrown away illegally into the environment, or sent to the landfills. And 190 million tires waste away in the sun or somewhere else around the US each year. They are a huge problem that will only grow worse in time.

Now, the promotional product industry is using these old tires to make promotional giveaways such as coasters, key tags and jar openers.   And all of these can be imprinted with a company or organization name, logo or message.

The ecological effects of tires can span a long time due to their slow decomposition.  Bagwell Promotions is proud to do our part to help solve this problem.

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