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Rush Production on USB Flash Drives

rush production on USB Flash Drives

Need Flash Drives in a Hurry?

We offer several of our most popular USB Flash Drives with 24 hour Rush Service. Orders in by 9 a.m. Central Time typically can ship the next day. We must have “camera-ready art” and payment by major credit card with the order. Orders must be confirmed by customer service at 1-866-281-8330. Subject to availability of stock.

Rush production on USB Flash Drives is available on a limited number of flash drives, and memory sizes may be limited—order as few as 1 flash drive.  A set-up charge applies.

Orders are FOB Washington State. Rush FedEx or UPS charges may apply.  For additional information, contact Bagwell Promotions.

Anyone with a computer would welcome a flash drive. And your logo, company, or organizational name or message will be “top of mind” every time your customers or prospects insert these USB Memory sticks into their computers.

flash drives

Rush Production on USB Flash Drives

We have several flash drives that can ship in 24 hours and additional drives that can ship the next day.  The styles and drive sizes vary from day-to-day, and prices do vary. However, the Model ICLICK click (shown left) is always available.  Please call our toll-free number at 1-866-281-8830 for confirmation if you need 24-hour service.


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