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School Bus Wristbands – Bus Control Bracelets

Yellow School Buses for School Bus Wristbands

“My Bus Is —” wristbands help kids get to the correct school bus.

Perfect for the first few weeks of school. Starting school is challenging for children. School Bus Wristbands make it easier.

 Which Bus Do I take?????

Confused Boy trying to remeber which Bus he is onNow, school personnel can help end the confusion of which bus a child should take with our School Bus Wristbands or Bus Control Bracelets. You can write a bus number or other information on these bracelets to help students catch the right bus. Also available as “Car Rider” wristbands. Choose from two types – Rubber or Tyvek, with custom imprints also available.

We have two products for school bus control

The rubber band bus wristbands can easily be removed and used over and over. A Tyvek wristband is also available. This wristband attaches with an adhesive and can last up to a week, but must be cut to remove.

School Bus Wristbands / Bracelets

rubber school bus bands

Rubber “My Bus Is ….” ID Wristbands

These rubber Bus Bands can be purchased in bulk with a minimum of 100 from the following colors: (“My Bus Is” yellow, and “Car Rider” blue). A custom imprint also available.

Tyvek Bus ID Wristbands

Tyvek School Bus Wristbands ID Wristbands

A less expensive alternative to bus control is the Tyvek bus wristbands. Once fastened, these can not be easily removed. Once removed, they can not be used again. Excellent, if you only need to remind a child of which bus to take for a few days.

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More ID Control Bracelets

ID Control BraceletsNeed an ID control bracelet for other events — field trips, concerts, sporting events, or other crowd control. See our full line of id control bracelets.

What the Center For Disease Control Says About Going Back To School

back to school coloring book school bus

School Bus Safety Coloring Book.

Here is a way to show you care about the safety of your customers or prospects’ children. School Bus safety (left) plus hundreds of coloring books. Add Crayons with your custom imprint.

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This year Back to School will be different.  Find hundreds of back to school promotional items to make it easier for teachers, students, parents, or business owners. From PPE to pencils, at Bagwell Promotions, we are committed to helping you get Back To School in a safe manner.

more bracelets

Looking For A Different Bracelet?

We have thousands of wristbands and bracelets for every occasion, from event management to awareness.  You can see all of our bracelets and wristbands here. They include silicone, rubber, neoprene, vinyl, Tyvek, Slap Bracelets, and more. These can be custom produced with your name, message, and, in some cases your logo. Great for Schools or for Events or Concerts. If you need help, contact one of our professional customer service representatives at Bagwell Promotions. 

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