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Scratch Off Contest -Promotions – Sweepstakes

scratch off contestScratch Off Contest and Games

Looking for an inexpensive promotion for a grand opening or another traffic-building event?

Our scratch-off contest offers a simple program that can be implemented in just minutes.

Choose from any of the stock designs for the front of your card. You can customize the back in black ink with your logo, business name, and message. And you select the exact prize description you want.

For Example:
“A” wins a free soft drink
“B” wins 10% off your next rental
“C” wins free delivery
“D” wins a cruise to the Bahamas.

Typical breakdown includes 12.5% Prize A, 20% Prize B, and 62.5% Prize C. Then you add 1 or 2 Grand or First Prizes.

Who Can Use A Scratch Off Contest?

Almost any company that wants retail traffic can benefit from this promotion: car Dealers, Restaurants, Rent-to-Own Stores, Furniture Stores, and more.

View / Order Stock Designs for Scratch Off Cards

More Contests For Use Throughout the Year

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Giant Toy  Contest /Sweepstakes

We offer many unique  Traffic Builders for all seasons. They include the Giant Easter Bunny for spring, a Patriotic Giveaway for the summer, a Back-to-School Promotion and Halloween Stockings in the fall, and The Giant ChristmasStocking during the holidays.   We can even custom sweepstakes or giveaways for the season or event.  See all our contests here. Includes everything you need for a successful giveaway.

bernie the bear summer promotion

Need a Custom Promotion?

We can also produce a custom promotion with your name or logo in full color on the front of the card and designed around a specific theme. Our custom promotions typically start at 2,500 cards. Please contact Bagwell Promotions for details.

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