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Special Shaped Promotional Ornament

Special Shaped Promotional OrnamentsDo You Need Something Unique For Your Holiday Ornament?

Consider a Special Shaped Promotional Ornament.

We have hundreds of ornaments that are available in special shapes – such as sport, animals, and more. We have included some of them on this page.

Do you need to tie-in to your state? We have ornaments for nearly all of the 50 states in a variety of material, from wood to plastic.

We have the largest selection of ornaments on the Internet in just about any shape or size you want.

Need help finding a special shaped ornament?

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Football Shaped Promotional Ornament

Football Shaped Promotional Ornament

We offer hundreds of special-shaped promotional ornaments – Like this Football Shaped Ornament (left). This Promotional 3 1/4″ glass football helmet ornament is elegantly printed in the United States. Inkjet-printed with the highest quality detail. The print area is 1″ H x 1″ W, and printing is available on both sides of the ornament. Six helmet colors to choose from. These ornaments make beautiful and elegant gifts for collegiate events, corporate giveaways, customer appreciation, and more.  Over 150 more football-shaped ornaments to choose from.

Texas Shaped Ornament

Texas Shaped Ornament

We have an ornament shaped like just about all 50 states in the United States. Available with plantable flowers (left) and in wood, plastic, and glass. Most can be imprinted with your logo, name, or message.  All have easy online ordering with one of the largest selections of imprinted ornaments on the Internet.

Reindeer Ornament

Animal Shaped Ornaments

From Reindeer shaped ornaments (left) to cats, dogs, dolphins, doves, and more, we have over 3,000 different animal-shaped ornaments.  Most can have your name, logo, or message printed on them.  Available in gold-tone, plastic, wood, acrylic, and more. Some have growable seeds.

snowflake ornament

Don’t See The Special Shaped Ornament You Are Looking For?

We have the largest selection of ornaments on the Internet in just about any shape or size you want. Use our online catalog if you don’t see what you want on this page.  Go to the top of this page and select Advanced Search.  Ente4r Ornaments in the Category selection.  In the keyword, area enters a search term such as angel-shaped or train shaped.  If you need help, you can always contact one of our professional promotional consultants, and we will recommend a selection to you at no charge.

christmas promotion

Need More Holiday Items For A Promo?

We have over 1,000 Christmas and Holiday Promotional Items. View the most popular Holiday Promotions. here. From stress toys to holiday giveaways we have everything you need to promote the end-of-year activities. Or use the Quick Search at the top of this page or our online catalog or contact one of our promotional product professionals.


imprinted ice scraper

More Winter Theme Promotions

Get Ready for the cold winter months! Ice Scrapers make great winter promotional products.  Your customers and prospects will see your name, logo, or message all winter long. We also offer hundreds of other promo items with a winter theme. Most items can be imprinted with your company or organization name, logo, or message and ship within 10 days.

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The History of Ornaments

For many people, decorating their homes and Christmas trees with ornaments is an enjoyable way to capture the magic and excitement of the holidays.

Christmas trees first appeared in America in the 1700s, although the emergence of the modern Christmas tree dates back to 15th 16th century Germany.

Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated in the United States until the 1800s. As a result, decorated trees did not become popular until people saw the ornaments brought to America by families emigrating from Germany and England in the 1840s.

Ornaments soon became a big hit. F.W. Woolworth’s five-and-dime store started stocking its stores with German-made ornaments in 1880. By 1890, the store was selling close to $25 million worth of ornaments. And that is a nickel and dime price.

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