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Summer Retail Promotions

Boost Sales and Family Traffic With These Unique Summer Retail Promotions.

Make your holiday sale or event explode with excitement.

  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day

summer retail promotion -

Giant 8 foot or 6 foot tall Toy-Filled
Giveaway Display

These patriotic summer retail promotions can generate in-store excitement or direct traffic to your seasonal aisle and create a visual anchor for your other summer promotions. Also a great fundraising sweepstakes.
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entry box for summer retail promotion

Everything you need for a successful promotion

Our retail promotion includes point of purchase signs, an entry box and entry forms. We make it easy for you to conduct your fund raiser or sweepstakes.

bernie the bear summer promotion

Patriotic “Bernie The Bear” -Giant Giveaway Promotion

Watch your sales and profits multiply with the Bernie the Bear summer retail advertising promotions. Includes the Bear, a toy wagon and a smaller selection of toys.
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Each display is stuffed with cool toys that kids want to win.

Order – More Information Stocking or Bear Summer Retail Promotions

Our mix is constantly updated to maximize interest and excitement. (2017 Spring and Summer Toy List.) The Teddy Bear Promotion has 8-10 toys, the 6 Foot Display has 14-16 toys, and the 8 Foot Display has 18-20 toys. The deluxe version of the display includes 90 percent licensed and name brand toys (standard version has about 60 percent).

Increase Sales and Traffic with these In-store Summer Retail Promotions.

Perfect For:

  • Banks or other financial institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Automobile dealerships
  • Rent-to-own stores
  • Radio stations or newspapers
  • Churches or other non-profit organizations
  • Any retail location where you want to attract kids or their parents!
  • Fundraising
Promotion1-2 3-1112-49
8 Foot Deluxe$172.00$169.00$167.00
8 Foot Standard$123.00$120.00$118.00
6 Foot Deluxe$113.00$110.00$108.00
6 Foot Standard$91.00$88.00$86.00
Patriotic - Bernie The Bear$149.50$146.50$144.50

Contact Us for pricing on quantities of 50 or more. No extra charge for drop shipping if you provide your store locations to us in an Excel spreadsheet.

Easy On Line Ordering by clicking on link below or calling 1-866-281-8830

Order – More Information Stocking or Bear Promotions

A list of toys in the Summer/Patriotic promotions.

More Summer Promotions

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