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Wheat Straw Promotional Products – Eco-Friendly

Wheat Straw Promotional Products

Wheat Straw Promotional Products – New Item

At Bagwell Promotions, we are always looking for new and different promo ideas —especially advertising specialties that have an eco-friendly benefit.

We are proud to offer over 150 promotional items made from Wheat Straw.

What is Wheat Straw?

After wheat grains are harvested, wheat straw is the stalk that is left over.  In the past, it has been treated as a waste. It is often burned by farmers contributing to air pollution and creating a public health hazard. Now, these stalks have value. When reclaiming this material and use it to make wheat straw promotional products.

Our forests are threatened and endangered worldwide, so we must find alternative materials that do not require new forest resources. With wheat straw, you choose a product made from rapidly renewable and reclaimed wheat straw instead of trees. Best of all, these Wheat Straw Promotional Products can go to a  commercial composting facility instead of the landfill at the end of its life.

Featured Wheat Straw Promotional Products

Below are a few of the Wheat Straw Promotional Products available from Bagwell Promotions.  You can also access over 150 advertising items made from Wheat Straw.

18 oz wheat straw mug

18 oz Wheat Straw Mug

Made from biodegradable wheat straw material, this 18 oz promotional mug is dishwasher safe, suitable for hot liquids or food microwave safe, and available in 4 colors: Green, Pink, Blue, and Natural. Imprinted with your company name, logo, or message.

Wheat Straw Keychain Set

Wheat Straw Keychain Set

Instead of using a plastic straw, use an eco-friendly straw.  Buildable Straw and Tube Made of Wheat Straw comes in 3 parts that screw together and can be assembled in seconds. This straw is reusable and biodegradable Cleaning brush included, hand washing recommended. Great for travel and clips onto any purse or sports bag, fits in the glove box or even your pocket Screw top cap with carabiner gives you easy access to the straw and cleaning brush Available cap colors: Blue, Green, Pink, and Natural.

wheat straw tumbler

16 Oz. Newport Wheat Travel Tumbler

This tumbler is constructed from wheat straw and has double-wall construction for insulation of hot or cold liquids. It comes with a  screw-on, spill-resistant lid with a matching 9″ buildable straw. Eco-friendly Tumbler is composed of reclaimed stalks from wheat. Harvested wheat is renewable and sustainable. There was no indication of extractable gluten in testing. This promo item meets FDA requirements and is BPA-free. Hand washes recommended.

Don’t see the Wheat Straw Product you are looking for? We are proud to offer over 150 promotional items made from Wheat Straw.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Looking for Eco-friendly /Recycled or “Green” Promotional Items?

At Bagwell Promotions, we have hundreds of promotional items that are good for the environment. These include key chains, coffee mugs, ink pens, coasters, and more. You will find items made from recycled tires, corn plastic, bamboo, wheat straw, and other eco-friendly sources. Most can be imprinted with your company or organizations. See more items on our Green Promotional Items page.

Earth Day

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Earth Day is the perfect time to learn what you can do to protect the environment where you live, work, and within your community. Worldwide events are held on April 22 each year to mark the unofficial beginning of spring and inspire awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. Find out more in a blog post at Marketing Resource Blog.

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