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Trunk or Treat Bags

Trunk or Treat Bags Is your church, school, or other organization sponsoring a Trunk or Treat Event?

Many organizations are looking for alternatives to Halloween –without the ghosts and witches. That is why churches and other organizations sponsor Trunk or Treat events.

The concept is simple. Cars are parked in the parking lot with the open trunks facing an aisle. Each trunk can feature a game, giveaway, or something fun for the kids. Because children gather in one area, it’s safer and more convenient for parents.

A variant of trick-or-treating, known as trunk-or-treating (or Halloween tailgating), occurs when children are offered treats from the trunks of cars parked in a church parking lot, or sometimes, a school parking lot. In a trunk-or-treat event, each automobile’s trunk (boot) is decorated with a certain theme, such as those of children’s literature, movies, or scripture. Trunk-or-treating has grown in popularity due to its perception as being safer than going door to door, a point that resonates well with parents.

Truck or Treat may be an alternative to traditional trick or treating during the COVID-19 Crisis because everything can be controlled in one area.

Trunk or Treat Bags

Now, Bagwell Promotions is the one-stop source for these Trunk or Treat Bags. Bags are printed in one color – black – on a white bag—order as few as 150 bags.

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Imprinted Promotional Bags

We have thousands of bags that can be imprinted with your company name or logo. Many can be imprinted in full color.

These include plastic, nonwoven paper, backpacks, grocery bags along with clear plastic bags. We have dry bags, seasonal bags for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays along with beach bags and duffle bags.  We even have wine bags and specialty bags.  If it a bag, we have it!  See over 2,000 of our most popular bags.  Many can be imprinted in full-color.


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